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Facts about Julius Caesar – His mark in history

Julius Caesar was originally from Rome. He was given birth in July, during the 100 BC by Aurelia Cotta and Gaius Julius Caesar. With this, the full name of Julius was Gaius Julius Caesar. This was in accordance to that of his father’s. There was a very little known truth about the childhood of Julius. However, there was one thing for sure – everyone was certain that he became the head of his family in the 85 BC. This transpired the moment his father died. Since then, Julius was considered the military general. He successfully conquered France and even got to invade the Britain twice.

A tenfold of battles and political turmoil was faced by Julius. This occurred during the time when he conquered Rome. This started his reputation of being a powerful political dictator. Aside from his success in the military, Julius Caesar has a credibility for writing as well. He was also popular for being an articulate speaker.

Other Interesting Facts about Julius Caesar

Many would like to believe that the ancestry of Julius was somehow connected to the very first king of the Romans. When Julius was still young, pirates kidnapped him. This occurred as the earlier were on their way for oratorical study. This was the period when they wanted to have at least 50 talents. This was how the looked at money during those times. This was said to be the ransom. The outcome turned out to be the opposite though because he made friends with all the pirates. He was freed though because the uncle of Caesar paid for the said money being asked. The moment he was freed, he made sure that the pirates were executed.

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It was Julius Caesar who introduced the concept of Julian calendar. The Roman coins still depict the face of Caesar. William Shakespeare wrote the famous play entitled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. This was meant to portray the assassination of Caesar and all of the events that transpired after the mentioned.

There was a rumor saying that Julius also had his share of girlfriends. He did this while he was still married. Among these women were Servile Campions and Cleopatra. There was also a belief saying that Brutus was the son of Julius. He was the result of Caesar and Servia’s union. This was only a speculation though.

Julius was romantically linked to Cleopatra. However, any of the mentioned did not result to marriage since Julius was a Roman, while the latter was an Egyptian. There was a Roman law during that time that prohibited Romans to marry from other nationality.

Despite the fact that Julius was a Roman dictator, the crown was never his. In the 44 BC, he was assassinated. Conspirators were said to be responsible in the murder. This happened he was supposed to become the king. C-section, or also known as the Cesarean section was an option given for child birth during the time of Julius Caesar. He was not delivered through the said way. One of his ancestors was.