Sep 08

Selena Gomez Pregnant and Ready to Marry The Weeknd

According to Life and Style, Selena Gomez is pregnant with Abel aka The Weeknd’s child and they are to tie the knot soon. The Selena Gomez pregnant article was based on Life and Style’s interview with Selena’s close friend. According to her, the Hands to Myself singer is having strange food cravings and serious feelings for Abel. Selena has dropped other hints like avoiding to stay out late..

Since the story was published, countless of fans freaked out. Everyone wants to know if the Selena Gomez pregnant rumor is true.

The February 13 magazine article shared how the Heart Wants What It Wants singer thinks Abel is the one, and that she can’t wait to have a child of her own.

The couple’s relationship has been closely watched by the public especially because The Weeknd just came from a breakup with Bella Hadid.

Shades were thrown at the two, especially because Sel and Bella are both members of Taylor Swift’s squad.

The two were spotted travelling together in Italy. They also attended the Met Gala and Coachella together. Countless of pictures of their PDA were shared in their social media pages.

Apparently, these two have a serious thing going on between them, adding to the already solid evidences shared in the Life and Style article issue.

It won’t really be surprising if the Selena Gomez pregnancy issue turned out to be true. Without a doubt, this power couple will make beautiful babies.

Selena isn’t really new to addressing pregnancy rumors. Back when she dated Bieber, fans speculated that they had twins.

The gossip was so elaborate that there was even an ultrasound result that circulated around social media. However, the two didn’t last that long.

Whether or not she’s carrying The Weeknd’s child, her solid fans will still be happy about her new found love.