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Jul 24

Facts about Julius Caesar – His mark in history

Julius Caesar was originally from Rome. He was given birth in July, during the 100 BC by Aurelia Cotta and Gaius Julius Caesar. With this, the full name of Julius was Gaius Julius Caesar. This was in accordance to that of his father’s. There was a very little known truth about the childhood of Julius. However, there was one thing for sure – everyone was certain that he became the head of his family in the 85 BC. This transpired the moment his father died. Since then, Julius was considered the military general. He successfully conquered France and even got to invade the Britain twice.

A tenfold of battles and political turmoil was faced by Julius. This occurred during the time when he conquered Rome. This started his reputation of being a powerful political dictator. Aside from his success in the military, Julius Caesar has a credibility for writing as well. He was also popular for being an articulate speaker.

Other Interesting Facts about Julius Caesar

Many would like to believe that the ancestry of Julius was somehow connected to the very first king of the Romans. When Julius was still young, pirates kidnapped him. This occurred as the earlier were on their way for oratorical study. This was the period when they wanted to have at least 50 talents. This was how the looked at money during those times. This was said to be the ransom. The outcome turned out to be the opposite though because he made friends with all the pirates. He was freed though because the uncle of Caesar paid for the said money being asked. The moment he was freed, he made sure that the pirates were executed.

julius-caesar-3.jpg (900×750)

It was Julius Caesar who introduced the concept of Julian calendar. The Roman coins still depict the face of Caesar. William Shakespeare wrote the famous play entitled The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. This was meant to portray the assassination of Caesar and all of the events that transpired after the mentioned.

There was a rumor saying that Julius also had his share of girlfriends. He did this while he was still married. Among these women were Servile Campions and Cleopatra. There was also a belief saying that Brutus was the son of Julius. He was the result of Caesar and Servia’s union. This was only a speculation though.

Julius was romantically linked to Cleopatra. However, any of the mentioned did not result to marriage since Julius was a Roman, while the latter was an Egyptian. There was a Roman law during that time that prohibited Romans to marry from other nationality.

Despite the fact that Julius was a Roman dictator, the crown was never his. In the 44 BC, he was assassinated. Conspirators were said to be responsible in the murder. This happened he was supposed to become the king. C-section, or also known as the Cesarean section was an option given for child birth during the time of Julius Caesar. He was not delivered through the said way. One of his ancestors was.

Jul 24

Facts about Isaac Newton – Relevant Contribution to Science

It is an understatement to say that Sir Isaac Newton is one of the most popular scientists there was. Throughout his existence, he was able to formulate various theories. All of these were a big contribution to science. There were different fields which were helped here. These were philosophy, mathematics and as well as physics. Up until now, the discoveries of Newton were studied. Many facts about Isaac Newton were also researched all the time,

What other interesting information should be remembered about Isaac Newton?

Sir Isaac Newton was originally from England. A tenfold of professions were linked to his name. He worked as astronomer, theologian, physicist, philosopher and mathematician. In the year 1687, Newton was able to publish the research called Philosophae Naturalis Principia Mathematica. This was then regarded as a crucial book in science. He used it as an instrument to describe what universal gravitation is all about. It also shows the well-known, three laws of motion. These concepts are still pondered upon regardless of how many centuries go they were researched.

The law of universal gravitation of Newton speaks about the attraction of gravity involving bodies with mass. The moon and earth may be taken here is a good example. Law of inertia is the first law. This pertains to every objects staying in motion unless there is a force outside acted on it. The second on the other hand is usually presented as force, in equivalent to mass multiplied by its acceleration. The last one is the most talked about – every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. These are still taught in school today.

isaac-newton-list-of-sins.jpg (720×456)

Apart from the aforementioned, there are still other works of Newton which are significant until today. One is the principle of conversation. This is associated to the angular and momentum. The same is also true with empirical law of cooling, refraction of light and the creation of the very first practical telescope. There are still so many more.

There was a time when Newton decided to transfer to London. This was 1696. He decided to do this because he was about to take a role. He became the Warden of the Royal Mint. This was his way of overseeing the Pound Sterling and its production. There was a statement by Newton saying that his work was meant towards the theory of gravitation and its formulation. This was then inspired by an apple as it fell from a tree. This story was well-publicized and a lot of people has been using it as a reference even until now.

Newton must have gotten his eloquence through the undertakings he pursued when he was still young. There was a time when he studied in Cambridge. He focused in classical curriculum. Since then, he was fascinated by the pursuits of Rene Descartes, he was a philosopher. He devoted a couple of notes which were not really a part of his readings. The entitled this Certain Philosophical Questions.

Jul 24

Oral Cancer Symptoms and Treatment: Irregular Check-ups, Tobacco, Alcohol, and HPV Virus Leading Causes

An average of 34,0000 Americans get diagnosed with oral cancer yearly, according to the American Oral Cancer Foundation (AOCF). The number goes up to 41,000 if laryngeal cancer is included . Statistically, the survival rates are very poor due to the potential lack of symptoms and the late diagnosis. The Foundation also states that oral cancer currently has a high death rate and men tend to be more susceptible than women by a 2 to 1 margin. Death rates are higher for non-caucasians than whites .

Tobacco & Alcohol

Nearly ninety percent of most oral cancers is due to tobacco (AOCF). Throw in excessive alcohol use and the risk increases greatly. The majority of new oral cancers get diagnosed in the 45 or older group.

However, a new disturbing trend has appeared. More and more people under 40 years of age are being diagnosed with this problem. Analyses has shown that this is due to two new factors. Tobacco companies are touting more smokeless tobacco products than before, and to the younger generation. By placing the tobacco pouch between the lips and the gums, the sites get exposed to the tobacco byproducts for a longer period of time.

HPV Virus

A second cause of oral cancer, according to the American Cancer Society, involves the HPV virus 16 and 18 (the same two implicated in cervical cancer), have now become a factor with oral cancer in nonsmokers. The HPV virus tends to form changes in the epithelial cells of the mouth forming what’s known as tissue dysplasias.These can develop into squamous cell carcinomas if undetected. Add to this exposure to tobacco and alcohol and the chances of developing oral cancer increase considerably.

High Fiber

Eating a high fruit and fiber diet may provide some protection, but realistically giving up tobacco and alcohol are the main preventative measures that one can take to trully prevent these cancers from starting. High fat content in foods also has been a possible suspect with cancer rates, so a low fat diet is important as well.

high-fiber-foods.jpg (1024×806)


The detection phase starts with your general dentist. Cleaning and a checkups also include an oral cancer examination as well. In general, any lesion noticed in the mouth should be either biopsied or watched depending on what your dentist feels is appropriate. One thing is for sure: any lesion that lasts more than 4 days should be biopsied.

Biopsies can be done by brushes or could involve removal of a small piece or the entire lesion for study. A brush biopsy, performed by general dentists, removes the top cellular layer of tissue for analyses. If a negative result is achieved no further tests are needed. if a positive occurs then the incisional biopsy would be next to confirm atypical cellular structure.


Most oral cancers are of the squamous cell cancer rate. If this is seen then a possible CT scan and other tests will be necessary to see the extent of damage and the stage of the cancer. Oral cancers invade deeper structures and can easily mestastasize to other areas via the lymphatic system. This cancer is very prone to secondary tumor and cancer growth and as a result is very difficult to treat.

Current treatment modalities include chemotherapy, radiation and possible bony resection depending on how advanced the cancer has become. Obviously the more advanced the cancer the more potential there is for disfigurement and therefore prosthetic treatment. As a result, more and more treatment modalities are being tested raising new treatment possibilities for the future.

Proteins, Hormones & Drugs

Some of these exciting new areas inlude the introduction of proteins that speciafically hone the bodies own defenses to fight the cancer cells, hormonal drugs that help to control the cells’ mitotic activity, monoclonal antibodies that specifically target cancer cells, leaving the normal ones alone and photodynamic therapy which makes the cells sensitive to light and allows a laser to kill the cancerous lesions.

There are also some exciting drugs being tested to achieve the same objective. Adept or antibody directed enzyme pro-drug therapy is being tested to react with an enzyme that was placed earlier by a monoclonal antibody, that will destroy the cancer cell when contacting that enzyme. Another drug undergoing current testing is STI 571 is. It is designed to block the signals that the cancer cells send to stimulate cell division, thereby not allowing the cancer to spread.

New scanning is also being used such as the DNA Ploidy System in Fairfield. Digital analyses of the nuclei with the cells, counts the number of DNA that each cell contains. Those that contain normal numbers are deemed to be a low cancer risk. Those with abnormal counts were at a much higher risk. Results have proven to be promising.

Of course the best defense is not to smoke, use smokeless tobacco or to drink excessive amounts of alcohol. Schedule regular checkups with your dentist and keep them. The earlier a diagnosis is made the better the survival rates. Now truly one can say that a visit to your general dentist can save your life!

Dec 11

10 Best Creative Writing Colleges Shakespeare Would Love to Attend

If William Shakespeare was alive today, do you think he would go to the best creative writing colleges to pursue a creative writing degree? What would be his considerations in choosing a college? What will be his priorities?

There are many colleges around the world offering degrees in creative writing, and as an aspiring writer, you must learn to carefully choose which one to attend to. Colleges offering degrees in creative writing vary on their discipline, rates and program offers. Some colleges offer creative writing as a major field of study, others as minor. Others however offer the course as a standalone program.

If you believe that there is a Shakespeare in you waiting to come out, we would like to help you in finding the right college in the United States for you.

best creative writing collegesbest creative writing colleges

  • Colorado College: Colorado is a liberal arts college in offering block learning – an extensive program condensed into 3.5 weeks of learning.  Creative Writing Track is one of the areas of concentration for English majors. To know more about block learning, visit http://www.coloradocollege.edu/academics/curriculum/
  • University of Michigan – Ann Arbor:  A public research university located in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Offers one of the best creative writing programs in the country, available both for English majors and non-majors.http://www.umich.edu/
  • Columbia University: Considered to be the oldest institution for higher learning in New York, Columbia is renowned for their extensive literary programs and for their roster of acclaimed writers as instructors. The university offers creative writing programs with integrated workshops and seminars for both the graduate and undergraduate levels. http://www.columbia.edu/
  • University of Iowa:  the university offers one of the top MFA program for creative writing in the US Creative writing students are exposed to various styles and niches in the arts. http://www.uiowa.edu/
  • Washington University in St. Louis: In Washington, creative writing students, both in the undergraduate and graduate levels, is immersed in a deeper fostering of their creativity. Lectures are integrated with seminars and workshops in order to transform their creative concepts into reality. http://www.wustl.edu/

best creative writing colleges

  • The New York University:  Recognized as one of the top 5 universities with the best creative writing programs in the US, NYU takes pride in its roster of notably popular faculty members in the area of creative writing such as Ruth Danon (poet and author),  April Krassner (poet) and Roxana Robinson (novel and short story writer).http://www.nyu.edu/
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology:World-renowned as the best university not just in engineering, technology and science but in creative writing as well. MIT offers a creative writing program that will develop and sharpen a creative writing student’s talent, skills and imagination in this literary field.http://web.mit.edu/
  • John Hopkins University: JHU is a non-profit private research university offering an undergraduate program aimed to develop the student’s passion for creative writing by providing critical analysis of a broad sampling of literatures from different eras. In addition to that, JHU is one of the few universities with a small student to teacher ratio, thus making learning more personal and direct.                                                 http://english.jhu.edu/undergrad/
  • Hamilton College:  Nationally known as a writing center. Hamilton offers a long list of courses available for English majors under literature and creative writing. The college’s mission is to teach their students to write effectively, learn from each other and to think for themselves. http://www.hamilton.edu
  • Emory University: One of the best creative writing colleges in the recent years.  Emory offers an extensive creative writing program covering a wide scope such as poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, fiction and creative non-fiction. Emory also adopts a small student to teacher ratio for a more in-depth focus on every students’ creativity development. Emory is highly recommended for students who wants to have a very lucrative future in the field of creative writing. To know more about Emory University, visit their website at http://www.emory.edu/home/index.html,

Among this list of best creative writing colleges in the US, which school are you interested in?

Nov 20

A World Of Crazy College Scholarships Awaits

Do you know that there are as many crazy college scholarships as there are crazy college students? Scour the internet long enough and you’re bound to find an organization offering a scholarship that involves neither athletic ability nor intelligence. Some requirements are niche-oriented while others are rather esoteric.

crazy college scholarships

Below are some examples of crazy college scholarships:

Scholarships Based on One’s Physique

If you’re tall and can’t get a scholarship by playing basketball, try getting one with the Tall Clubs International. You might just get a $1,000 grant. Suffering from dwarfism? Don’t let your diminutive stature bring you down. The Little People of America have been sending deserving, but under-privileged students with dwarfism to colleges and universities for years. Are you a lefty? Then use this advantage by applying for the Frederick and Mary F. Beckley Scholarship. Their criteria for choosing scholars is that they have to be left-handed.

Agriculture Related Scholarships

Agriculture is not just to feed the body, but it is also helpful for one to go to college. Where to begin? There are different scholarships for you! Apply for the National Potato Council Scholarship, the Minnesota Soy Bean Scholarship, the Asparagus Club Scholarship, and many more. If you specialize in any of these produce items, then there’s a good chance that your college education will be for free.

Special Skills Scholarships

You don’t have to be smart or athletic, you only need the talent and skills to qualify for a scholarship that will aid you in college. Many organizations recognize this fact and reward students who can display a knack for certain things that most regular folks can’t do.

There’s a society that grants scholarships to kids who play marbles well (National Marbles Tournament Scholarship). If you have the gift to look into the future then the Excellence in Predicting the Future Award could be your ticket to a higher education.Here’s more: If you’re a duck whisperer then you can join the Sophie Major Duck Calling Contest Scholarship.

Industrial Tools and Equipment Scholarship

Here are some more crazy scholarships for college.

The Duck Brand Stuck at Prom Scholarship contest. This contest gives the prize of a scholarship to a prom couple who can come up with the best prom dress using only duct tape. You can try the Society of Vacuum Coaters Scholarship, but only if you understand how vacuum coating works (and we doubt that most of you do).

Perhaps the easiest one of all is the American Fire Sprinkler Association Scholarship. Applicants just have to answer a 10 item open-book exam about sprinklers (now how can you go wrong with this?).

The Weird Scholarships

Sometimes it just pays to have Gatling or Gatlin as a last name because the John Gatling Scholarship will only award you tuition money if you bear that surname. Are you a sci-fi fanatic? Then take advantage of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future scholarship or the KLI Memorial Award (for those of you who can speak Klingon).You can also try the American Nudist Research Library Research Scholarship. Go ahead and Google this and see the naked truth about the scholarship they are offering.

It’s fun to learn about these crazy college scholarships. They may sound crazy, but they are your easy ticket to college.Who knows, maybe one of these crazy college scholarships is the opportunity you have been waiting for.